Monday, May 4, 2009

"I can go ANYWHERE!"

Words spoken from a three year old who until today has never had the capabilities to EASILY get from point A to point B. Piper got her wheelchair and walker today. The walker is sitting in the wheelchair's shadow at this moment. She is completely captivated by her new wheels and her new sense of freedom. She has NO interest in trying out the walker. I'm hoping when the newness wears off, she will be more willing to work with the walker as well. We brought the new contraptions home this afternoon....we may have to get rid of a couch to make room for them! LOL! She stayed in that wheelchair wheeling around the house like an old pro for hours. She wore blisters into her fingers and STILL cried when it was time to get out to go to bed. Needless to say...she LOVES her new set of wheels!
The whole thing is a little bitter sweet. It's amazing to see how happy she is to be able to get from the living room to her bedroom all by the same time, I'm watching my baby move around the house in a WHEELCHAIR! It kind of hit home a little harder that she is disabled.
So....the next step.....get her some cool gloves so she won't get blisters on her fingers tomorrow!

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  1. saw your post on sits. welcome! i would imagine that that is very bittersweet for you. good luck!